Firewall Support

Firewalls and the RealSystem

Firewalls create barriers in order to prevent unauthorized access to a network. Think of the Internet as a series of hallways. Firewalls are the security doors through which some people (i.e. data) may pass and others may not.

RealSystem content usually passes through these barriers without trouble, but sometimes it is necessary to change your configuration settings. With the proper configuration settings, you can enjoy RealAudio and RealVideo.

Please scroll through the choices below to select the option which best describes you and the firewall information relevant to your needs.

RealOne Player and RealPlayer Users

Several features of the Player will not function if your Player Preferences, Person or Network firewall are not configured correctly. You may experience problems with connection to audio/video, the Media Browser, Sign-in, CD Info, Messaging and AutoUpdate.

RealSystem Server Administrators

For persons running RealSystem Server to stream audio and video. For persons sending audio and video content out over the internet.

We have put together step-by-step instructions for making your RealSystem Server content available to the widest number of visitors.

Firewall Administrators

For those people using a hardware or software firewall product. Gatekeepers and IS departments.

Firewall Developers

For software developers creating firewall software and hardware products. Technical information for people writing original software.

What is a Firewall?