Full Screen Video
with RealPlayer and RealPlayer Plus 5.0, G2, 7, and 8

What is DirectX and how does RealPlayer use it?

Microsoft DirectX is a set of software components and drivers designed to create faster hardware performance in Windows based programs. DirectX is comprised of the following components: DirectDraw, Direct3D, DirectInput, DirectSound, DirectPlay, and DirectMusic. Along with these components, DirectX includes a set of compatible drivers for the computerís video card, sound card, and input devices such as mice, joysticks and gamepads.

RealPlayer 5.0, G2, 7, and 8 use the DirectDraw component of DirectX. DirectDraw and its associated driver allow applications to access video memory while the application is running. By utilizing this access, software developers can create applications which use video memory in whatever manner is most effective for their program. RealPlayer 5.0, G2, 7, and 8 use DirectDraw to enable Full Screen video capability.

Microsoft DirectX Version Compatibility Issues

Microsoft DirectX versions are generally forward compatible. However, upgrading from one DirectX version to the next may cause problems with some applications or drivers. Check with your software and hardware manufacturers for documentation on their DirectX support.

How can I tell if DirectX is already installed?

Many computer systems, especially those with Internet Explorer 4.0, may already have DirectX installed. Those computers that have DirectX installed should be able to play Full Screen videos immediately after installing RealPlayer. If you are not sure if DirectX is installed on your computer, or do not know what version is installed, use the following instructions.

  1. Click the Start button.
  2. Choose Find and then Files or Folders.
  3. In the Find dialog box:
    1. In the Named text box, type dxsetup.exe
    2. In Look in list, choose C:\ (or My Computer).
  4. Click the Find Now button.
  5. If dxsetup.exe is not found, then DirectX is not installed.
  6. If dxsetup.exe is found, use the following steps to determine which version you have.
    1. Use the right mouse button to click once on the dxsetup.exe file.
    2. Choose Properties from the shortcut menu.
    3. Click the Version tab.
    4. Version 5.0 of DirectX shows up as File version

    Note: If the version number is lower than, you must upgrade your version of DirectX.

  7. Click OK.
  8. Close the Find window.