RealJukebox and RealJukebox Plus
Frequently Asked Questions

CD-ROM, CD-R, and DVD-ROM Drives

  1. Why is my CD-ROM drive not recognized by RealJukebox?

    RealJukebox does not recognize all CD-ROM drives. RealNetworks has made a patch to fix this issue. To install the patch, do the following:

    1. Start RealJukebox.
    2. From the Help menu, choose Check for Upgrade.

    RealJukebox will search the RealNetworks AutoUpdate server, download the patch, authenticate information, and then install the patch. Once the update is complete, restart RealJukebox.

    If you continue to experience problems with your CD-ROM drive not being recognized by RealJukebox, please send e-mail to technical support.

  2. I am having problems with my DVD-ROM drive and RealJukebox. Is RealJukebox compatible with DVD-ROM drives?

    If you use a DVD-ROM drive with RealJukebox, make sure that you have inserted a CD into the DVD-ROM drive before you start RealJukebox. If you insert a CD into a DVD-ROM drive after you start RealJukebox, there may be a pause before the CD is detected.

    Given the relative "newness" of DVD-ROM technology, some DVD-ROM drives and RealJukebox may not be compatible. If you continue to have problems with your DVD-ROM drive and RealJukebox, please contact RealNetworks technical support.

  3. Why is RealJukebox unable to use digital recording?

    There are several reasons why RealJukebox does not perform digital recording (digital extraction). One or more of the following instances may apply:

    1. Your CD-ROM drive does not support digital extraction. To be certain, we recommend that you check with your CD-ROM drive manufacturer to find out if digital extraction is supported on the specific drive model installed in your system.

    2. You are using Windows NT and the CD-ROM drive is in operating in "generic mode." The drive installed in your system is using generic CD-ROM drivers and does not support digital extraction in Windows NT.

      Note: If you own an Adaptec CD-ROM drive, Adaptec has an update available for download from their website. For more information, please go to the Adaptec website and review the support document titled "Keeping Your ASPI Layer Up to Date." To locate the document, please enter the keyword "ASPICHK" and click "Search" on the main Adaptec web page.

    3. The processor in your computer is too slow for the extraction speed. Please ensure that your system meets the stated requirements for running RealJukebox. You may also need to close any other programs running during a recording session.

    4. You have a SCSI drive which does not support digital extraction. This is due to the fact that each manufacturer has the freedom to configure their drives in a specific way. To accommodate this, we have included setting options for some of the more common SCSI drives. Please follow the steps below to configure RealJukebox to a specific drive setting.

      1. Start RealJukebox.
      2. Click the Options menu and choose Preferences.
      3. Click the CD Drive Options tab.
      4. Click Other Type.
      5. In the Other Type list, select the SCSI drive that matches the drive in your system.
      6. Click OK.
      7. Exit and restart RealJukebox.

      If you are unable to use digital extraction, try analog recording instead:

      1. Start RealJukebox.
      2. Click the Options menu and choose Preferences.
      3. Click the Recording Options tab.
      4. Click Analog.
      5. Click OK.
      6. Restart RealJukebox.

  4. I have more than one CD-ROM drive connected to my computer. How do I use a specific CD-ROM drive with RealJukebox?

    1. Start RealJukebox.
    2. Click the Record/Play CD icon.
    3. Click the Multiple CD Drive button to the right of the Genre box.
    4. Choose the desired drive from the list.

    Note: The Multiple CD Drive button is only visible when more than one CD drive is connected to the computer.

    Multi-CD Selection Icon
    The Multiple CD Drive button and a list of available drives.

  5. Why doesn't the Adaptec CD-R plug-in work with RealJukebox Update 1?

    You must have Adaptec Easy CD Creator (version 4) installed on you system in order to use the RealJuekbox Adaptec CD-R plug-in. Adaptec should have a free evaluation version of Easy CD Creator available soon. It will be posted on their website at when it is finished.

  6. How do I get optimal performance with the RealJukebox Adaptec CD-R plug-in?

    To achieve high quality recording in RealJukebox with the Adaptec CD-R plug-in, do the following:

    1. Ensure that you have plenty of available disk space. A CD-R can hold up to 650 MB of information or 74 minutes or recordings. When burning a CD, RealJukebox must store the information to a temporary file on your hard drive before writing data to the CD. The more hard drive space you have available, the less likely it is that your system will halt during the creation process.

    2. There are many different types of blank CD-R discs available. Make sure that your media of choice works with Easy CD Creator before using it with RealJukebox. Some media types use different color dyes in the CD that may not compatible with the laser on all drives. Test at least one disc or use a brand that is familiar to you.

    3. Do not use your computer while burning CDs. The CD burn process is extremely memory intensive and using other programs may interrupt the process. Even if your machine is capable of playing music or web browsing while your CD-ROM burns, you may find flaws in tracks afterward. These flaws can range from tracks that are too short, muted, or skip during playback.

    4. Queue up all the songs you wish to burn before pressing the Transfer button. This will streamline the transfer, resulting in a smoother write process.

    5. Ensure that none of the tracks are mono. Attempting to transfer a mono track will prematurely end the burn process.

  7. Why can't I burn certain file types onto my CD-R with RealJukebox?

    There are some file types that will not queue up for transfer. These are generally proprietary files that RealJukebox is unable to transcode (e.g., A2b and Liquid Audio). You should also ensure that none of the tracks are mono. Although mono tracks can be placed in the queue window, the burn process will prematurely end once these songs begin transfer.

  8. Why can't other people read my custom CD?

    Some CD-ROM drives have difficulty reading CD-R discs. This is based primarily upon the dyes used in the blank media and the color of laser attempting to read them. Trying a different brand name of media should resolve this problem. Look at the color of the media that cannot be read and purchase media of a different color. Common colors for CD-R media are gold, silver and blue.

  9. Why do my transferred tracks appear queued in RealJukebox even though I have removed the disk or started queuing new tracks?

    The RealJukebox CD-R plug-in is not refreshing properly. On occasion, RealJukebox may not allow you to exit the program if songs are still in the queue window. After those tracks have been written to your CD-R, select them in the queue window and delete them.