RealPlayer 8 Basic
Frequently Asked Questions

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Downloading and Installing

  1. What are the system requirements for RealPlayer 8 Basic?

  2. Does RealPlayer 8 automatically overwrite older versions of RealPlayer?

General Questions

  1. How do I configure Preferences in RealPlayer 8 Basic?

  2. How do I prevent RealPlayer 8 Basic from loading when Windows starts?

  3. What types of media does RealPlayer 8 Basic play?

  4. Is it possible to decrease the amount of system resources used by RealPlayer 8 Basic?

  5. How do I clear entries from the location bar history in RealPlayer 8 Basic?

  6. How do I disable the flashing StartCenter icon and prevent the update dialog box from appearing when I use RealPlayer 8 Basic for Windows?

Browser Configuration

Playback Questions

  1. How do I configure RealPlayer 8 Basic to work with a network firewall?

  2. Why do I receive a "missing plug-in" error when I type an address into the Location bar in RealPlayer 8 Basic?

  3. Why is RealPlayer 8 Basic still rebuffering or giving poor playback from many sites?

  4. What can I do to improve the video image during playback?

  5. What can I do if the audio sounds like it is being played too fast or too slow?

  6. Why do I have problems with video or system freezes when playing video content with RealPlayer Basic 8 for Windows?

Known Issues

  1. Why is Delete disabled when I try to delete the last folder in the My Favorites tab in RealPlayer 8?

  2. Why does 16Kbps audio play slowly on IBM Aptiva computers running Windows 98?

  3. You must quit all open programs, including older versions of RealPlayer, before installing RealPlayer 8 for Mac OS.

  4. Audio and video playback are out of synch at the start of high bit rate content on Mac OS.

  5. The mouse pointer remains a "wrist watch" after I play content on Mac OS.

  6. Why do I get "out of memory" errors when I play clips that last an hour or more with RealPlayer 8 for Mac OS?

  7. How do I manually resize the window on RealPlayer 8 for Mac OS?

  8. Why can't I fast forward or reverse through streamed MP3 files in RealPlayer 8?