How do I completely remove RealDownload 4 from my computer?

To completely remove RealDownload from your computer, use the uninstaller program included with RealDownload:

Click the Start menu, choose Programs, then Real, then RealDownload 4, then select "Uninstall RealDownload".

After the uninstaller program is finished, you must restart your computer to complete the removal of RealDownload.

If you remove RealDownload, but receive a message stating it will need to be removed, or if you cannot find the uninstaller, you must reinstall RealDownload. Once you have reinstalled RealDownload, run the uninstaller again to completely remove RealDownload from your computer.

If you need to download the RealDownload installer, you can find it at the following location:

Once you have downloaded the RealDownload uninstaller program, run the installer (named "rd4-setup.exe") to reinstall RealDownload. If you receive a message asking if you want to uninstall any previous versions, click the Yes button.

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Why does RealDownload 4 try to dial when I am already connected to the Internet?

If you are already online and you have configured RealDownload 4 to connect to the Internet when performing a previously scheduled file download, RealDownload will attempt to dial out.

To correct this, exit RealDownload, change your settings, and begin the Download again.

  1. Exit RealDownload.
  2. Click the Start button, choose Settings, and then Control Panel.
  3. Double-click the Internet Options icon.
  4. Click the Connections tab.
  5. Click "Never dial a connection" or "Dial Whenever a network connection is not present".
  6. Start RealDownload and try downloading the files again.

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Why does RealDownload 4 download PDF files that are integrated into web pages?

Some web sites use Adobe PDF files to display information on the web site. When you click a PDF link in your web browser, the web site author may have intended that you view the PDF directly within the web browser. RealDownload 4 cannot make this distinction and will attempt to download the PDF, causing the web page to look as though it is incomplete or as though graphic files are not displayed correctly.

If you need to view PDF files on a web site within your web browser, you must configure RealDownload so that it does not download PDF files.

To configure RealDownload so it does not download PDF files:

  1. Start RealDownload.
  2. Click the Tools menu and choose Options.
  3. Click the File Types tab.
  4. Locate PDF in File Type list.
  5. Click once on PDF.
  6. Click the Remove button.
  7. Click Close.

For more information on PDF files, refer to the following Adobe Web page:

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