Why do I receive "Missing Plug-in" errors when I use RealPlayer G2, 7, or 8?

When you try to play content from various sites on the Internet with RealPlayer G2, 7, or 8, you may receive a "Missing plug-in" error message.

Missing plug-in error messages mean RealPlayer does not have the necessary "plug-in" to play the requested file. RealPlayer ships with a default set of plug-ins to play most media formats. You can also download additional plug-ins to allow RealPlayer to play other media formats.

When a missing plug-in error occurs, RealPlayer sends an update request to RealNetworks. If the necessary plug-in is available, RealPlayer will prompt you to download and install the new plug-in. Once RealPlayer has downloaded and installed the new plug-in, you can play the file.

A missing plug-in error can also occur when you try to play content that RealPlayer is not designed to play or when the site offering the content has configured their RealServer or Web server incorrectly. In this instance, you will receive an error message that states "Currently AutoUpdate has no plug-in available to play your selection."

If you receive this error message, do one of the following:

  • Ensure you have entered a valid address in the RealPlayer Location Bar (or Open Location dialog box).

  • Contact the site administrator to verify their RealServer or Web server is configured correctly.

RealPlayer makes plug-in requests on an as-needed basis. It is therefore possible that multiple missing plug-in error messages will occur during a single presentation. A complex presentation can include many media clips composed of different media types that require a variety of plug-ins in order to play.

To avoid multiple missing plug-in requests, you can manually check for RealPlayer updates.

To manually check RealPlayer Updates:


  1. Start RealPlayer.
  2. Click the Help menu and choose Check for Update.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to download and install the desired plug-ins.


  1. Start RealPlayer.
  2. Click the Apple menu and choose About RealPlayer.
  3. Click Check for Update.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to download and install the desired plug-ins.

If you have the latest version of RealPlayer installed, a list of available plug-ins appears. Clicking a plug-in will display a brief description of the functionality it adds to RealPlayer. Installing these additional plug-ins can help prevent missing plug-in requests in the future.

Note: If you are using an older version of RealPlayer, you may be required to download and install a new version of RealPlayer in order to play certain media types. When you encounter media types that require such an update, the missing plug-in request will state that an update is available and recommend a full download. After you have downloaded the full version of RealPlayer, you will then receive missing plug-in requests for additional media types as needed.

If you continue to receive a missing plug-in error while attempting to play content specifically designed for playback in RealPlayer, please contact RealNetworks technical support. Be sure to include the address (URL) for the site where the error is occurring. Please also indicate the version of RealPlayer that you have installed.

You can find the version number by choosing About RealPlayer from the RealPlayer Help menu (Windows) or by choosing About RealPlayer from the Apple menu (Macintosh).