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Introduction to RealProducer Plus

Welcome to RealProducer Plus from RealNetworks. This tool converts standard audio and video into streaming media clips. Utilizing easy-to-use wizards, a simple interface, and customizable settings, RealProducer Plus is perfect for either novice or advanced content creators.

Using RealProducer Plus, anyone can easily create streaming media from a variety of sources. Convert audio or video files, record directly from media devices, or use RealProducer Plus to broadcast and stream live content.

In addition to creating RealMedia, you can also use this tool to publish your streaming media directly to the Internet. These publishing features allow you to add the dimensions of sight and sound to your Web site or e-mail. Use RealProducer Plus to instantly demonstrate a product, broadcast a speech, or show home videos.

New Features

This version of RealProducer Plus includes new features that allow you to:

About This Manual

Chapter 1: Installing RealProducer Plus explains installation procedures and provides information about system requirements for installing and using RealProducer Plus.

Chapter 2: Streaming Media Basics introduces you to the RealSystem and its components, describes the importance of knowing your audience, and shows you how SureStream works.

Chapter 3: Creating Streaming Media explains how to create streaming media from existing files, media devices, and live broadcasts. It also describes how to monitor the recording process.

Chapter 4: Publishing to the Internet discusses how to generate streaming media-enabled Web pages, publish those Web pages to a server, and send RealMedia files via e-mail.

Chapter 5: Customizing Recording Options explains how to change RealProducer Plus preferences, how to modify target audience settings, and how to change audio and video recording.

Chapter 6: Recording Tips provides information for increasing performance, using RealProducer Plus more effectively, creating high-quality audio and video, editing file information, and promoting your streaming media clips.

Chapter 7: Command Line Utilities shows you how to use RealProducer Plus commands with a DOS prompt.

For More Information

For additional information about using streaming media effectively and how to create multimedia presentations with your clips, refer to the RealSystem G2 Production Guide, available for download from the RealNetworks Web site at:

For technical support with RealSystem G2, please fill out the form at:

The information you provide in this form will help technical support personnel to give you a prompt response. For general information about RealNetworks' technical support, visit:

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