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Release Updates

If you are new to RealText, start with "Introduction". If you have worked with RealText before this release, this section gives you a quick look at the changes included in this version of the manual.

Updates for RealSystem 8

RealSystem 8 Gold includes RealText version 1.5. This version supports hyperlinks in the format protocol:path. For more information, see "Opening a URL in RealPlayer or a Browser".

To ensure that RealPlayers can use these features, include version="1.5" in the <window.../> tag of each RealText file. This causes earlier RealPlayers to update to the latest RealPlayer through the autoupdate feature.

Updates For RealSystem Release 7, Update 1

The following sections describe new RealText features for RealSystem Release 7, Update 1, which includes RealText version 1.4. RealPlayer 7 or higher is required to play RealText clips that use the following new features. To stream clips using the following new features, you need RealServer 7 with Update 1 (or a higher version of RealServer).

Support for Korean Text

RealText 1.4 now supports the Korean character set iso-2022-kr. The following Korean fonts are available:

Korean is currently supported on Windows and Macintosh, but not UNIX-based RealPlayers.

Additional Information
See "<font> Tag".

Multiple Windows with RealPlayer 7

RealPlayer 7 or higher supports multiple windows. You can launch a presentation in a new, pop-up window through a RealText hyperlink. See "Popping Up New RealPlayer Windows" for more information.

UNIX Font Mappings

The table "RealText Font Support for us-ascii and iso-8859-1 Character Sets" lists the default fonts used for RealPlayer on UNIX systems. These fonts are used if the system does not have the specified Windows fonts available.

Updates For RealSystem Release 7

The following sections describe new features in RealText for RealSystem Release 7. They also list changes and corrections to this authoring guide. Release 7 includes RealText version 1.2.

New Features

RealPlayer 7 or higher is required to play RealText clips that use the following new features. (RealPlayer users can get the latest RealPlayer through the autoupdate feature.) Unless otherwise noted, the clips can be streamed from RealServer G2 Gold with update 2, or any higher version of RealServer.

Versioning Supported in Head Tag

The <window> tag can now include a version="version number" attribute that causes RealPlayer to use autoupdate to upgrade its RealText plug-in. A version number is also needed for character sets that include accented characters.

Support for mac-roman Character Set

RealText now supports the mac-roman character set for entering accented European languages on a Macintosh. See "<font> Tag" for more information.

New Default Character Set of iso-8859-1 in Version 1.2

If you specify RealText version 1.2 or higher in the <window> tag, the default character set iso-8859-1 is used instead of us-ascii. This character set is the same as us-ascii, but includes support for accented characters commonly used in European languages. See "<font> Tag" for more information.

Changes and Corrections

Clarification for the <clear/> Tag

Information on the <clear/> tag has been clarified to indicate that the tag erases text that has an end time that has not elapsed.

RealText Broadcast Application Moved to Authoring Kit

The RealText broadcast application has been removed from the HTML version of this authoring guide. The broadcast application is now part of the RealSystem Authoring Kit, available through registration at

Upper 128 Characters in the mac-roman Character Set

In the mac-roman character set, the upper 128 coded characters differ from those in the default iso-8859-1 character set. See "Using the mac-roman Character Set" for information on using the upper 128 characters with mac-roman.

Revisions Introduced December 21, 1998

Recommendations for Scrollrate and Crawlrate

See the information on the <window> tag scrollrate and crawlrate attributes for tips on setting these rates.

Time Tag Tips

A few tips on using <time.../> tags have been added.

Updated Font Information

Information about the <font> tag has been updated. The end of that section contains examples of the <font> tag in use.

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