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REASON CODE MESSAGES Due to , Real Support is experiencing high call volumes. Hold times are longer than normal. Please look in our extensive Knowledge Base, where the answers to over 80% of customer questions can be found. Weekend of February 4th & 5th:

Starting Saturday at 5pm PST and ending Sunday, the RealNetworks Knowledge Base (KB) is undergoing a scheduled upgrade. During this time, there will be no access to the KB or to e-mail support. We apologize for the inconvenience.
When Big Brother is live on TV: To keep the content fresh for all viewers, the broadcaster switches the feeds to a trivia quiz or the flames of the house fireplace. The feeds are usually down just while the live show airs on the East Coast (8pm-9pm Eastern / 5pm-6pm Pacific), but may stay down until the live show ends on the West Coast (9pm Pacific / midnight Eastern). Enter a custom message below this comment tag

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RealPlayer Customer Support

RealPlayer Support
Support for the free RealPlayer
The free version of the RealPlayer is supported via our extensive Knowledge Base.

Agent-assisted support is not available for the free RealPlayer. To purchase a SuperPass subscription or to upgrade to RealPlayer Plus, please visit

Support for SuperPass and RealPlayer Plus
If you have purchased a SuperPass subscription or RealPlayer Plus, please proceed to our Contact Us page for support options.

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